Neuropsychological Assessments During Covid19 Restrictions

Covid19 has posed many challenges for people accessing neuropsychological assessment and treatment. NHS neuropsychology services have endeavoured to continue face to face high priority appointments using PPE equipment. However, video link assessments have sprung in to common use in NHS, private treatment and medicolegal purposes.
Video link assessments provide a simple way of preventing face-to-face infection risks. The Ministry of Justice, Office of the Public Guardian and Court of Protection have approved video links for assessing capacity and for attending court.

The civil courts have also approved video evidence as admissible and reliable, meaning that expert witness neuropsychological assessments can take place, with the consent of the client, claimant and defendant.

The advent of Covid19 has changed the way Neuropsychologists can practice, nudging the profession to embrace new technologies. Whilst video assessments reduce travel and reduces some of the cost associated, it does require an element of technological familiarity for clinician and client.

Most neuropsychological tests appear to be reliably administered remotely and the Division of Neuropsychology have provided a useful document to this extent:

It also appears that for the foreseeable future video neuropsychological assessments are here to stay and further research, particularly on video-client experiences and video versus face-to-face comparison studies will ensue.

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