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Medicolegal-Psychology-Neuropsychology limited is a neuropsychological and psychological expert witness, neuro-rehabilitation and psychological treatment service. 

As Director of MPN, Dr Phil S. Moore (Consultant Neuropsychologist & Clinical Psychologist) specialises in medicolegal expert witness neuropsychological assessment of brain injured parties in litigation (both Claimant and Defendant) and has recently released a key text on the topic: https://routledge.pub/NeuropsychologicalAspectsofBrainInjuryLitigation 

He is based in North Devon, but has bookable office locations and remote link options to cover all of England and Wales.

His specialism includes mild TBI, severe TBI & catastrophic injury, personal injury & psychological injury, clinical negligence, employment law, contractual law/equality act, occupational health matters, court of protection, capacity, adults/older adults/adolescents and criminal defence work.

He is listed and vetted amongst the experts of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and he produces approximately 60 reports per year. He has been instructed by a number of firms and is routinely instructed by the three largest Defendant firms and largest three Claimant firms on an approximately even ratio. 

His aim is to produce impartial, high quality and timely neuropsychological and psychological assessments at reasonable a cost.

He has had over fifteen years working in NHS Psychology services and has worked as an independent Consultant Neuropsychologist for a number of years producing over 600 expert reports. He has a strong background working in neuropsychological assessment, community rehabilitation, dementia, forensic psychology, learning disability and autism.

He also provides provision for neuropsychological treatment, neuro-rehabilitation and psychological therapy (including EMDR and CBT), and manages a small team covering the South West of England. He also allocates time for additional roles associated with the office for the Public Guardian (CoP capacity assessments) and the Criminal Justice System (criminal assessments for defence and CPS).

For enquires contact: psychologyassessment@yahoo.co.uk

“I have instructed Dr Phil Moore for several years now on a wide spectrum of TBI cases from minor to severe. I have always found him to be calm measured empathic and professional in his approach. He puts clients at ease and makes sensible and helpful treatment recommendations. Dr Moore reports quickly after the assessment providing a comprehensive and detailed report. I would not hesitate to recommend him “ Emma Melia – Solicitor.

Solicitor’s Testimonial for Dr Phil Moore 10/05/2017

“Dr Phil Moore has been working with my client for the past 8 months. My client has provided consistently positive feedback from Dr Moore’s sessions and has reported that these sessions have been of great benefit on a therapeutic and rehabilitation level. Dr Moore has provided good consistent communication to enable a high level of multi disciplinary working to enable all the professionals in the case to have a clear understanding of the rehabilitation process and an understanding of the Psychology approach which was paramount in this case- Tim O’Brien, Case manager”.

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Neuropsychological Aspects of Brain Injury Litigation: A Medicolegal Handbook for lawyers and Clinicians

Dr Moore recently edited and contributed to the textbook: https://www.routledge.com/Neuropsychological-Aspects-of-Brain-Injury-Litigation-A-Medicolegal-Handbook/Moore-Brifcani-Worthington/p/book/9780367569587 Aiming to focus on the importance of neuropsychological evidence and the role of the neuropsychologist as expert witness in brain injury litigation. This thorough, evidence-based resource fosters discussion between the legal profession and expert neuropsychological witnesses. The chapters reflect collaborations between leading personal injury lawyers … Continue reading Neuropsychological Aspects of Brain Injury Litigation: A Medicolegal Handbook for lawyers and Clinicians

Orientating the brain

The following technical terms are used to orientate around and within the brain and its structures:   Top=dorsal/superior Bottom=ventral/inferior Front=rostral/anterior Back=caudral/posterior Medial=mid-line Lateral=away from mid-line Contralateral=opposite side as Ipsilateral=same side as Unilateral=one side only Bilateral=both sides Proximal=close Distal=distant

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Covid19 has posed many challenges for people accessing neuropsychological assessment and treatment. NHS neuropsychology services have endeavoured to continue face to face high priority appointments using PPE equipment. However, video link assessments have sprung in to common use in NHS, private treatment and medicolegal purposes. Video link assessments provide a simple way of preventing face-to-face … Continue reading Neuropsychological Assessments During Covid19 Restrictions

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