Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Treatment

Following an acquired brain injury, often a client experiences changes in cognition, emotion, personality and behaviour.

Neuropsychological rehabilitation is an intervention for brain injury clients to help improve everyday function and wellbeing.

It involves psychological treatment & support and specialist assessment and feedback. Specific skills and strategies for the ABI client and their carers/family are recommended.

It may involve behavioural advice, pen and paper tasks to practice, psychoeducation, computer programs and apps, or skills to use in everyday life.

For many it is a vital part of the rehabilitative process alongside physical forms of rehabilitation. It provides a way of reaching optimal trajectories of recovery and can improve client insight, wellbeing and safety.

Unfortunately the state health system is limited with regards to access to neuropsychological rehabilitation & intervention.

Dr Moore can provide bespoke neuropsychological rehabilitation assessment and treatment within the South West of England in cases where funding is in place through case management.

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