Terms and Conditions of medicolegal-psychology-neuropsychology limited

Director: Dr Phil S Moore

Enquiries are best made by email to: psychologyassessment@yahoo.co.uk

Terms and Conditions.

Accurate from 01/02/22 Terms: £210 PH plus vat for neuropsychological assessment. £170 PH plus vat for psychological injury/treatment. Any work following instruction is chargeable. Please note medical record reviews often are undertaken weeks before an assessment and are chargeable. Payment via BACS within 28 days of production of report. Payment details included with automated and emailed invoice through Sage accounting software. Late payment charged at £10 per day. Cases passed to minor claims disputes with 84 days. Additional charges for court appearances, part 35 questions, teleconferences, joint statements, additional letters stating opinion, major edits (excluding typographical errors) and preparation/travel. All fees aim to be reasonable and proportionate. A clear description of the amount of files or pages of reading before instruction to be given, especially if an estimate is required or if the date for disclosure is urgent.